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About Mini Ballers

At Mini Ballers, our approach is what makes us the leader in early introduction to team sport, and group sports classes for pre-schoolers and early years children. We asked ourselves what is vitally important to your mini in these formative early childhood development years, and we arrived at a method that is efficient and effective. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sport or a former player who is excited for your mini’s oncourt debut. At Mini Ballers, we will introduce you to the FUN in FUNdamentals!

Get to Know Us

Mini Ballers is a basketball and movement FUNdamental program for 1- 8 year olds in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We believe that young children are energetic, curious, imaginative and capable. Our basketball lessons are strategically designed to be developmentally appropriate and highlight the way preschool and early years age children think and learn. Sessions are delivered in a similar format each time to provide consistency and routine for learners.


Sessions feature early learning basics such as; counting, colours, matching, oral comprehension and imaginative play. We believe in a pressure-free, fun environment where children can be themselves and are valued for their unique qualities. Our specially designed curriculum balances basic movements skills with sport related skills participants are excited about. The result is fun, confidence and an introduction to the foundations of physical literacy.

Guiding Principles

The following provide the foundation for our programming at Mini Ballers:
Basics First

We practice meaningful and purposeful activities that address basic movement skills such as: running, jumping, throwing, hopping and catching. From there we introduce basic basketball fundamental skills such as: dribbling, shooting and passing. The byproduct of movement skills and sport-specific skills forms the foundation for lifelong physical literacy and enjoyment!

Child Centered

Our classes are developmental and age appropriate, and most importantly fun! We cater to your little one's high energy level, incredible imaginations and curiosity! Our curriculum is specially created to engage all learners. We are highly committed to engaging your child and getting to know them. Our coaches are trained to keep our routines and sequences, but be adaptable to the needs of the group.


From our warm and welcoming staff, the brightly coloured gear to up-beat music, predictable routines and teamwork, our approach keeps children engaged and maximizes activity throughout the entire class. Participants learn the FUNdamentals of basketball every week. We use innovative ideas with tried and tested methods to encourage participation.


Our Mission

Maximize movement, social time, and fun in a safe, inclusive and developmentally appropriate environment. To help children develop a love for teamwork, learning, movement, and team sport.

Our Vision

Introduce basketball, a simple, accessible, beautiful game to children and their families by providing a positive and purposeful introductory experience where children explore age-appropriate movements, basketball skills and social skills through teamwork and group instruction.

Inclusion Statement

At Mini Ballers we are different, together. We view differences as a learning opportunity and strive to provide representation so that children see themselves in the coaches that lead their classes. Mini Ballers is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all clients and employees. Our organization welcomes all people diverse in race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, and culture. We proudly make accessibility adaptations for those with physical or developmental disabilities whenever possible.


The language we use when referring to wheelchair basketball and disability as it relates to the sport comes from Wheelchair Basketball Canada. We actively collaborate with Wheelchair Basketball Manitoba and proudly support their programming and initiatives to grow the sport of Wheelchair basketball provincially and nationally.

What to expect: 

• Opportunities to move in both unstructured and structured environments

• Opportunities for all students to lead, explore, and innovate

• Availability of developmentally-appropriate equipment

• Exposure to fun and challenging activities that produce both successes and failures

• Opportunities to choose between a variety of activities and environments

• High rates of participation where the potential for movement is maximized

• A spectrum of parental involvement, dependent on the independence of the learner


The Mini Ballers Difference: 

  • Insured and endorsed by Basketball Manitoba

  • Verified Club by Canada Basketball 

  • Creators of our comprehensive, custom, basketball, and movement curriculum for toddlers and their caregivers.​

  • Our experienced and respected coaching staff is made up of teachers, USPORT student-athletes, education students, kinesiology students, childcare workers, and much more. Collectively we have hundreds of thousands of hours studying, coaching, teaching, and playing sport(s).  We have refined our teaching ability and are committed to the process of ongoing professional development and training. This is possible because of the time and relationships we have invested in the basketball community as volunteers first.

  • We are coaches and educators who identified a need.

  • Attention to detail is our secret sauce, and our high standard to engage every learner, regardless of their background, age, stage, and ability.  This is what makes our program a safe bet. 

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