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  • Do I have to participate with my child?
    If your mini is between 1-3.5 you can expect to participate with them as their “teammate”. During our Infant/Toddler (1-2.5 year old) class one or two caregivers are required on the floor (please limit to 1 caregiver in small spaces). In the Preschool 1 (2.5-3.5 year old) class parent(s)/guardian(s) decide the level of involvement based on their child's independence and comfort level. Please expect to participate, especially if your child is at the beginning of the age range. In our non-parent assisted classes, e.g., Preschool 2 (3.5-5 year olds) please resist assisting your child for extended period of times. We invite parents onto the floor to assist with participation hesitancy, cheer for our goodbye shot etc., but encourage parents to remind their child they are expected to eventually return to their seat. All guardians must have clean indoor shoes.
  • Can my partner and I both assist in the parented session?
    Yes, if there is space then double up. Use your discretion based on the space. Please note: It is normal for children to act differently with different "teammates", Grandpa may be the fun guy who gets to experience a brave and excitable mini, where as your mini may cling to mommy or daddy and act shy... don't take it personal, we have observed that as normal. Each class may be different, and that's ok. Assign your child a teammate aka. helper based on what works for your family and their mood.
  • How many classes in each term?
    Our full terms generally have 10 classes, and each class is 45 minutes. Just watch out for statutory holidays, as we don’t offer classes on long weekends. We’ll make sure to call out these dates in class and in your ‘Welcome to Mini Ballers’ email at the start of the term. We try to offer members events on long weekends to give families a free opportunity to be active. We also offer "mini terms" that are 5 weeks, and we may offer 7 or 8 week terms. It is important to introduce your mini to multiple sports. The elements of physical literacy are best explored through a variety of activities, and on land and water. Therefore, we do not recommend registering for more than two consecutive terms. Try another activity and then come back to us! Our programming is year round and we are always happy to move, learn and play with your mini.
  • What does my child receive when they register?
    -Drawstring Bag -Uniform (Choice of: Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow) -Option to order prints from our photo days at your own additional cost. -Mini Ballers Colouring Sheets -Participation Certificate Mini Membership -Access to free or low cost events for 365 days, your whole family is welcome as long as there is a Mini Baller in your midst.
  • Can I join class after the session started?
    Yes! Our classes are designed to join anytime. Our website automatically adjusts the prices to reflect the prorated amount each week, amazing right? The earlier you join the better, but better late than never! If a class is not full or waitlisted join us. Use your discretion to decide how many lessons is too few based on your mini's comfort in new environments. If you join part way through at term and want to keep the fun going, a 4-5 week mini term may occur after the term you joined late. Combine those two for a longer experience.
  • Is this a basketball league?
    No! We are a movement and basketball FUNdamental program. We focus on three main basketball skills: passing, dribbling and shooting. Sessions are planned to encourage development of movement and these three main basketball skills. We also try to introduce basketball movements like shuffling and vertical jumps. There is no emphasis placed on scrimmaging in the traditional 5 on 5. 3 on 3 or even 2 on 2 style in our traditional classes. As of spring 2023, we are offering a 3 x 3 co-ed class for 6-8 year olds. This class will be called "school age: 3 x 3" Observe your mini, if they like our programming, they will likely enjoy the challenge of team basketball. The first point of entry for playing in a league is the WMBA co-ed 7-8 league and some private clubs. We promote all next steps to our families. Our goal is to help grow the sport, not hold onto registrants. All we ask is you shout us out at the WNBA or NBA draft night of 2043.
  • Can my 11 month old join the infant toddler class?
    Yes! We say “one year olds” but if they are a confident walkers- join the fun! If they are one years old and cannot yet walk, we aren’t going anywhere and will be here to welcome you when they are motoring around.
  • How many participants per session?
    Classes usually have 12-15 participants, but School Age classes can go up to 18-20, depending on the facility size. Smaller spaces may limit to 10-12, while larger gyms may exceed the cap with an extra coach for a waitlist. Register early to avoid disappointment, as we work to reduce waitlists.
  • What should my child bring with them?
    Water bottle, indoor runners, mini uniform . Please note: basketball specific shoes are not required. A supportive running shoe is great.
  • Do you offer trial classes?
    As a standard practice, we typically do not offer trial classes, except in cases where we are piloting new programs or locations. Our priority is to foster children's skill development, enjoyment, and their ability to listen and follow instructions throughout a term. Maintaining a high level of engagement is crucial for us, and offering trials may compromise our staff's ability to effectively serve all enrolled participants. Coaching a large number of kids for extended hours can be demanding, and we strive to ensure our coaches are adequately prepared for success. However, if you have special circumstances or would like to observe a class before enrolling, you are more than welcome to drop in at any of our sites. Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to watch a class from the sidelines. We're here to accommodate your needs and ensure you make an informed decision about joining our program.
  • How many coaches are in each session?
    3 coaches, more if there are trained volunteers. In small classes we may reduce the number of coaches to two.
  • Are you the same as the Jr. NBA or little BALLERS?
    No. We are an independent business, with our own best practices and standards.
  • What is your COVID 19/Illness credit policy?
    In the event that Mini Ballers Ltd. must cancel a program offered due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a global pandemic, we will provide a nonrefundable credit on your Uplifter account for any missed classes. Only credits are available. Once a credit is issued to an account, the credit amount is non-refundable. Account credits can be used towards future online purchases made at Mini Ballers Ltd. and have no expiration date.
  • Do you cancel classes based on weather?
    The decision to cancel class will be based on local weather conditions. Cancellations and closures will be posted on our website, social media networks, and email. Cancellations or closures due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control will not be refunded or rescheduled. If Mini Ballers classes continue despite poor weather, the children’s caregivers are in the best position to judge whether or not their child can safely arrive to class.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Classes: Yes. We do offer refunds up to the second class. A refund can be processed if the first class is deemed unsatisfactory, and proper notification has been provided in writing within 48 hours to Mini Ballers will provide a full refund for the remaining classes (less the annual membership fee and the cost of the first class). Mini Ballers Basketball is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money if you can’t attend part, or all, of classes. Our costs remain the same regardless of how many children attend a session, once we have proceeded with our term. You may cancel your class registration, or apply a credit to your account, up to 7 days prior to your first day of classes. This will result in a full refund, with no fee. Any cancellation less than 7 days before the first lesson will be charged a $25 Cancellation Fee. If the term has started and a uniform has been issued, there will be a $35 Cancellation Fee. In these situations, families will receive a prorated refund for the classes not yet passed. After the second class, refunds are issued for medical reasons only, we reserve the right to request a medical note. Medical cancellations will receive a prorated refund (less the annual membership fees). Camps: We offer a refund- the the cost of first class (at a drop in rate) and any registration costs (camp shirt etc.). Refund requests 7 days or less prior will receive a $25 cancellation fee, this also applies to drop in clients. Class credit will not be transferred to drop in clients if they confuse or mistake their drop in date. As our costs remain the same if a class is missed or not attended, and drop in spots reduce the total number of spots offered.
  • Is your program accessible to children in wheelchairs?
    Yes! We work with Wheelchair Basketball Manitoba and have an accessibility protocol we have created in our curriculum. Infact if you know any children who have limited mobility or use wheelchairs please direct them to start a conversation with us via. DM or e-mail We cannot guarantee that our programming will be a good fit, but it is our goal and duty to try our best to make things adaptable and inclusive.
  • What class should I register for?
    To simplify things please register your child based on their exact birthday cut off. For example, if your child turns 3.5 in October and the session begins in September, they should be in the 2.5-3.5 year old group, not the 3.5-5.5 year old group. If your gut is telling you that your child should be in the younger or older age group we can offer some flexibility. However, our flexibility may be limited by enrollment numbers, since our sessions have a cap size and we wouldn’t want to take away another child's chance to join their session's age group. If you aren’t sure what class to register for please contact us and we will help you find a good fit.
  • When does the winter, spring, summer and fall term begin?
    Fall: After Sept. long weekend-Mid November (10 weeks) Winter: Week after new year- Mid March (10 weeks) Spring: End of March-End of June (5 week mini term March/April and 7-8 week spring term May/June): Summer: July and August (6 weeks) Camps: We are planning these as we go, for now we offer a spring break camp at Lindenwoods CC and are planning our summer programming. Remember, you can join anytime and only pay the registration fee once a year. Therefore, if you join mid way through e..g, 4 weeks left and a 5 week mini term proceeds your pro-rated entry, you can re-enroll to make a longer hybrid term for your child.
  • What does the $35.00 "Product and Subscription" aka. Registration Fee for?
    The $35.00 annual registration fee is required upon initial registration or after 365 days from the start of your child's previous term. It covers various expenses associated with maintaining our program, including website hosting, Uplifter transaction fees, individual player insurance, record checks, and First Aid/CPR training for our coaches. This fee also includes the cost of the uniform. Please note that there is no refund if you choose not to claim a new uniform during registration fee renewal. Why is there a separate registration fee? While we could incorporate these expenses into the overall program fee, we've chosen to maintain transparency by having a separate registration fee. This approach allows families to see precisely where their investment goes and helps us keep the program cost lower. Are there any other expenses included in the registration fee? The registration fee covers administrative and insurance-related costs only. Program-related expenses, such as staff wages, gym fees, and equipment costs, are not included. Example: If you registered in Fall 2023, you paid a $35.00 registration fee. Upon re-enrollment in Spring 2024 and Summer 2024, no registration fee was required. However, upon re-enrollment in Fall 2024, another $35.00 registration fee would be applicable.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes! We offer multi-participant discounts, perfect for siblings, twins etc. If you register more than one child you do not pay GST on your children, which includes twins who are discounted 10% total per pair. These discounts apply automatically. Get yourself a Starbucks on us! Please note that you pay one registration fee per child, once in 365 days. This means the cost of programming goes down if you return. For example, this is almost a 15% savings for a 10 week term. This keeps things pressure free and avoids the need for "early bird" or "returner" discounts. If you want to rejoin at any point within 365 days, you will see a cost reduction. Easy-Peasy! Additionally, the registration fee doubles as a "mini membership", which gives you access to special kid friendly events for 365 days. So even if you do not re-enroll, or take a break from programming you are welcome to join us to find fun ways to entertain your mini. Examples of the optional events you will be invited to for 365 days: In Winnipeg -Heavily discounted Moose Games -Free entry to University Game Nights (Basketball AND Volleyball) -Free open gyms for your minis to run around. -Discounted member night at Flying Squirrel Trampoline park etc. If you are attending our programming outside of Winnipeg and have member night suggestions we are happy to network on your behalf!
  • Do you accept Kids Sport Grants?
    Yes! We love the KidSport mission and are happy to accept grants from them or any organization willing to support you and your mini financially. Once we have official confirmation of funds, you can begin programming even if the grant is not yet in "our hands". If you are unfamiliar with KidSport Winnipeg, they provides grants of up to $300 per child/year, for kids who live in Winnipeg, or in one of the other communities they serve. If you live outside of Winnipeg visit the KidSport Manitoba page to find out what chapter you belong to. Other organizations that may support grants are Jump Start and Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Council
  • Do you accept volunteers?
    We accept a number of volunteers each term. Volunteers need to complete a child abuse registry and criminal record check. If you are interested, please apply under the jobs tab on our website.
  • What qualifications do your coaches have?
    We take our hiring seriously, our “extensive training” is not just a buzz word. We pride ourselves in training our staff and volunteers. Our Coaches have child abuse registry/criminal record check and first aid/CPR. All Mini Ballers Coaches have NCCP Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders, a course mandated to coach in the Province. Mini Ballers also provides a continuing education credit for those coaches who want to complete higher NCCP coaching levels, and any more specific or intensive CPR/First Aid training. Coaches study the provided curriculum with supporting resources, and ongoing assessments, which centre around connection with the athletes, age appropriate teaching, gym management techniques and disability inclusion considerations. The large majority of our coaching staff are professional teachers, education students or individuals who have a background and interest in childhood development. This is important to us because there are some serious trade skills required when managing all that happens in a class. Our coaches benefit from related work experience, helping them be effective and fun! Our amazing staff also gives us the opportunity to host volunteers that can learn from our programming and become community level coaches, hopefully in the WMBA or school system.
  • Is SWCC-Richmond location a gym?
    No, this is an auxiliary space. Because we bring in our own hoops, it works great but it is not as big as a gym. Class sizes are smaller at this location. Please also note, there are two SWCC'S-Richmond and Waverly. We practice at the Richmond site on 666 Silverstone Avenue.
  • Can my older child sit unattended on the sidelines or shadow us while I’m in a parented class?
    We prefer that all children under 12 are supervised by a parent. We are not a licensed childcare facility, so please avoid leaving your children unattended in the facility and/or on the sidelines. If you must leave your child on the sideline, please only do so if they can sit independently without the need for supervision or assistance of any kind for 45 minutes - 1 hour.
  • Where are you located?
    We are a Manitoba based business, with the goal to expand Nationally! We book facilities throughout the city to use as our host sites. We are a quality over quantity program. Our goal is not to offer so many options that families or staff may deal with unexpected cancellations and changes because of low enrollment. We understand that when you click “register” you are committing to our program and our goal is to make no changes from that point. Therefore, if we are sold out one term… we will organically grow the next. We endeavour to be organized and deliver on our promises and to leave people better than we found them. Currently our locations are: Winnipeg, Manitoba Lindewoods CC (Linden Woods) West Gate Mennonite Collegiate (Crescent Wood) South West CC- Richmond (Fort Richmond) Ecole Tempelton (Maples) West Dale CC (Charleswood) Oxford Heights CC (Transcona) East Elmwood CC (Kildonan/Elmwood) Thompson, Manitoba- Ecole Riverside Selkirk, Manitoba- Happy Though School Portage La Prairie, Manitoba- RRC Poly Tech If you'd like Mini Ballers in your town or RM, please reach out.
  • What summer camps are you offering?
    We are offering 7 weeks of summer camps at 4 locations. Learn more and register by clicking here.
  • Do you offer drop ins for camps?
    We offer the following options for our summer camps: Full week Full week half day AM Full week half day PM Single full day Single half day AM Single half day PM Cost of our camps is one of the lowest in the city (for now). We also offer early drop off, 7:45 a.m. and late pick up, 5:00 p.m.- for no extra charge.
  • Can you help my child with the bathroom at camp?
    No. All children must be able to use the bathroom independently. We give age appropriate bathroom breaks and encourage proper hand washing and hygiene. We give demonstrations and reminders on proper hand washing with doors open and another adult present. We follow the Rule of Two policy outlined by the Coach's Association of Canada, and the Responsible Coaches Movement.
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