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 Megan Noonan- Lead Coach

Education: University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Education (2021); University of Winnipeg, Bachelor of Science, Biopsychology (2017)


Passions/Hobbies: Basketball has been a part of my life since I was 6 years old, so you could say that it’s a passion! I also enjoy lots of other sports, like golf, slow pitch, volleyball and ultimate frisbee. In the car, I normally listen to science and nutrition podcasts. In my free time I enjoy good books, sunny walks and traveling as much as possible!


Professional aspirations: I am currently a substitute teacher for multiple school divisions within Winnipeg. My favorite classes to sub in our physical education classes. I have previously coached multiple Manitoba Provincial Basketball Teams and have aspirations to continue coaching and sharing my passion for basketball with the community.


Personal story: Basketball has taken me all over the world, from Florida, to Germany, to Cuba to Tokyo and all over Canada. My favorite trip had to be Germany, where my teammates and I each got to stay at a local German family's home. Their staple breakfast was fresh bread with butter and nutella. That was the first time I had ever tried Nutella.. and now it’ll forever remind me of Germany! 

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