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Coach Alexa-Assistant Coach

Education: Currently a student at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education: Early Years.  Bachelor of Arts from University of Manitoba with a English Literature major and Psychology minor.

Passions/Hobbies:  When I am not in the classroom at the university or my practicum school, I love to be relaxing at my house watching television or cooking.  I have noticed that cooking is something that calms me down after a long day and I get to be very creative with the meals I make!  On the weekends in the summer, I love to be at my family cottage laughing with my family and our three dogs.  In the winter time, I coach for a local volleyball club called WInman and have spent the last five years coaching 12-17 year old girls.


Professional aspirations: In the spring of 2023, I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Education and entering the teaching profession in the early years education.  It has been a long time goal for me to become a teacher and I am so excited to get started shortly!

Personal Story: A story I love to tell others, is the story of when we got our third dog, a goldendoodle named Tucker. When myself and my family arrived, the dog breeder handed us each a puppy to hold and he was placed in my arms first.  When I  held that little five pound puppy up to look at his sweet  face, some might say it was love at first sight.  Tucker quickly became my sidekick and best buddy, we rarely spend more than a few days apart!

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