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Coach Kierra- Assistant Coach

Education: Current student: University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education: Physical Education major, Geography minor.

Passions/Hobbies: When I’m not studying, I love to go home and visit my family in rural-southern Manitoba. I enjoy taking our dog Milo on walks, watching hockey, baking, or going out for ice cream (I have a huge sweet tooth). In the summers I spend most of my time outside or at a golf course.

Professional aspirations: I am currently in school to become a Physical Education teacher, which is one of the reasons I am so excited to be part of Mini Ballers!


Personal story: One of my favourite memories was a family trip we took to California/Nevada when I was in high school. The flight from Grand Forks to Las Vegas was my first time on a plane. We stayed on the “Strip” for a couple of nights before driving from Las Vegas to L.A, stopping at many beaches along the Santa Monica bay. Seeing the ocean was another first for my brother and me. This was my favourite trip we’ve taken together as a family.

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