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Kirandeep Jamal - Assistant Coach 

Education: University of Manitoba, Certification year- Bachelor of Education Major: Physical Education, Minor: Human Ecology.


Passions/Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors (long walks, hiking), lifting weights, playing badminton, basketball, and ultimate. I love baking, trying out new recipes, and spending lots of time with my friends and family.


Professional Aspirations: I am in my certification year and am excited to be eligible to work as a Physical Education teacher this spring! I look forward to teaching about and promoting a healthy lifestyle and the importance of being physically active to my students. As a female minority in the “sports/fitness” world, I am also excited to provide much-needed representation to other female minority students who may not currently see themselves represented amongst their teachers/peers. As coach Amy and I have discussed, representation and social outcomes go a long way when it comes to physical activity promotion and adherence.

Personal Story:  I was born in India and speak Punjabi and Hindi. When I first came to Canada, I picked up English so quickly and started speaking rather fluently within a week. Looking back, it is amazing how quickly children learn things and I will always remember the feeling of immersing myself in a new language.

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