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Coach Kamryn- Assistant Coach 

Education: Current student: University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Education intent. Major in History, Minor in Psychology. 


Passions/Hobbies: When I'm not working you can find me at Starbucks, watching my favourite shows on Netflix with friends, or relaxing at home with my two puppies! I love being in the gym, whether it is playing, watching or coaching basketball.


Professional Aspirations: Teacher and basketball coach


Personal Story:  I used to be a competitive dancer but I quickly found out that dance was not for me and I was a true basketball player at heart, so I should stick to what I’m good at. I would be late to dance class because I was playing basketball, and I did not enjoy the long makeup and hair routines everyone endured before a competition. I’m also not very creative, so that was no help LOL! 

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