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Azaileia Coston

Education: York University Kinesiology student.



Passion Hobbies: I enjoy dancing and learning new sports and activities. I love to swim, work out, and find new recipes to make at home. 


Professional Aspirations: When I receive my Kinesiology degree, I aspire to continue my studies to become a physiotherapist. I currently teach swimming and lifeguard and enjoy teaching others how to succeed in the water and understand water safety but I am also eager to take my experiences outside of the water once I graduate and start teaching people about their health and physical rehabilitation goals.


Personal Story: I grew up with a passion for all sports and developed a passion for competitive rhythmic gymnastics and dance which I did for many years pre-pandemic. Until high school, I took part in almost every sport offered until my competition seasons got more serious. Some of my favorite sports are track and field, basketball, and volleyball. When grade 12 came, it was my goal to attempt to be more independent in a bigger city. I have enjoyed living and studying in Toronto ever since.

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