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Amy Barlow - Lead Coach

Passion Hobbies:  I love a good coffee or espresso, and spending time with my husband, three daughters, and our dog Lulu. I love design- from homes to graphics to clothing merchandise. I love to get moving by trying new fitness classes or playing basketball.


Professional Lense:  I love working as a high school physical education and health teacher. In hindsight, my life experiences have given me a great perspective when it comes to working with high school students and I am thankful to get to do the work that I do.


Personal Story: I met Lauryn Hill very briefly in Austin Texas in 2011, she grabbed my hand and said “you’re beautiful”. I also met Shaq in Mall of America in a MASSIVE Jordan brand velour track suit, I digress. To put the magnitude of the Lauryn Hill fan-girl moment into perspective, “Nothing Even Matters” by D’angelo and Lauryn Hill was my Telus pay-as-you-go ringtone in the 9th grade, while everyone else was rockin’ one of 50 Cents many hits.

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